Our Inspiration

The inspiration behind starting this not-for-profit comes straight from my late wife, Margaret Rose Kennedy. Margaret and I married in August of 1970 and had 34 wonderful years together. We were blessed with two children and a grandchild. Life was very good to us and we gave back in the same ways most others do. We supported charities, did a small amount of volunteer work, and gave to good causes as they arose. Unfortunately, Margaret was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 1999. Margaret was a fighter and after four years and three recurrences of this terrible disease she passed away on October 13, 2003. One thing about cancer is it gives you plenty of time to say goodbye. We had many opportunities to reaffirm our love for each other and managed to travel and enjoy life together as it was slowly being taken from her. One day Margaret asked me what I would do when she was gone. I tried to tell her it was not going to happen, but she smiled and asked me again. I gathered my thoughts to give her a meaningful answer and said “If you go first, I promise to spend the years we will be separated performing good works in your name. This way when we meet again, you will be proud and happy to see me.” Well, I can tell you she loved my answer. She gave me a big hug and kisses and never asked me that question again. It’s been a number of years since Margaret passed away. The foundation has helped numerous cancer patients in financial need. Margaret is truly honored by the love and kindness shown by the supporters of our foundation.The continued participation by supporters of the Margaret Rose Kennedy Foundation confirms the love and respect we all have for Margaret. Sincerely,  jerry kennedy