Grant Application

MRKF Grant Application Form

To receive a grant the recipient will be required to demonstrate financial need in accordance with MRK Foundation and IRS regulations. The application must be submitted by a referring Social Worker in your hospital or medical provider’s institution:

Click on the above link to view and print out the application.

Fill out the application as best you can and give it and all supporting financial and medical bill documentation to the Social Worker. Ask the Social Worker to help you with the required information and have them (not you) submit the application to us.

The four things we look for are:
1) Application submittal by a licensed social worker.
2) Proof of financial need. (Typically last year’s tax return or proof of unemployment.)
3) Proof of medical need. (a medical bill in need of payment)
4) Assurance any grant given will be applied to cancer related medical bills not covered by health insurance. (We pay the medical institution directly on your behalf)

We rely on professional input regarding financial status and medical bills to evaluate and award our grants. We do not accept requests for assistance directly from patients. All information provided us is strictly confidential and not shared with others (except the IRS or state tax authorities at their specific request). Please feel free to have your Social Worker contact us on your behalf. Our grant determinations will be mailed to the Social Worker.

The completed application with all supporting documentation is to be mailed by the Social Worker to:

Margaret Rose Kennedy Foundation
600 Franklin Avenue, #443
Garden City, NY 11530