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We are sorry to inform you that James Dragone has passed away at the Long Island State Veterans Home at Stony Brook University. Jim is Margaret’s oldest brother and loving husband to Jean Dragone. Jim was a proud veteran of the Marine Corps in the Korean Conflict and was a Sergeant in the New York City Police Force. Jim spent his life in service to his country, his NYPD, and his Family. The Veterans home at Stony Brook provided him the opportunity to live out his last years with dignity and assurance that his physical and social needs were met. Jim is survived by his brother, four children, and seven grandchildren. He will be interred at the National Cemetery at Calverton where he will join his beloved wife, Jean.
Margaret and her late sister-in-law, Jean Dragone, enjoying a beautiful summer day together in the early 1970’s. Jean passed away from breast cancer on October 22, 2011 after a long and valiant fight.
It’s a tragic fact of life that many are battling cancer. However, to be battling cancer and to not be able to pay for the medical procedures needed to survive this terrible disease is unacceptable. It’s up to all of us to help those cancer victims with limited financial resources.
We have reached our thirteenth anniversary! The Margaret Rose Kennedy Foundation was initially created as a donor-directed charitable foundation on July 7, 2006. We raise funds via special events, Amazon Smile, donations “in lieu of flowers”, direct mailings, individual donations, and corporate matching contributions. Thanks to Michael Funk we have been participating in the Amazon Charitable giving program. Please Click on the above “Amazon Smile” page for further information. We also welcome contributions made in honor of individuals and events. Our current plan is to expand this venue with conveniently addressed contribution envelopes. Please click on the above Request for Envelopes Tab for more information.